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Where would you place your process for ensuring excellent home health care client experiences? Are you on the edge of extinction or cutting edge? Is there someplace in between?

Forrester research shows how crucial it is to keep up with CX (client/customer interaction). A majority of businesses (72%) say improving customer experience is their top priority. This is good news considering the changes in CX over the years.

It’s difficult to remain competitive in a changing technology world with higher expectations. Today’s blog post will help you if you are still stuck in the CX slowlane. We’ve compiled the top trends for homecare firms from to help you move from being left behind to leading the pack.

Price can be outweighed by value and experience. Would you be thrilled if you could compete on price every day? Do you strive to be the best home care provider in your area? No! To differentiate your business and avoid being a commodity, create amazing customer experiences. If stellar customer service is part your value proposition, then price is less important. We are talking about caring for people.

Improvements in chatbots and AI. Although it’s difficult to believe that this is happening right now, and not in the future, chatbots are increasing their efficiency in customer service. Chatbots have become an important part of every website design. Customers will expect more self-service options for home care in the coming years. This will lead to the adoption and use of virtual assistants (or internet robots) as “gatekeepers” for customer service. Leading home care companies will use chatbots to solve low-value inquiries, transactions and problems. As you incorporate new technology, make sure to train all customer-facing staff.

It is becoming more common to provide proactive customer service. Clients don’t expect you to just react to problems, but to also anticipate and prevent them. The best home care agencies will be able to spot and fix problems before clients notice them. This will help build a strong brand and increase customer loyalty. You can map out your client journey and identify areas where you need to improve. Do the same with your applicant journey.

Convenience wins. How convenient and easy is it for customers to do business? Customers can get help 24/7/365 through a channel that suits their needs. In the past, there were three ways for businesses to communicate with customers: over the telephone, in writing and in person. Clients and referral sources now use email, voice mail, and social media to communicate with each other. However, customer service is becoming more complex and fragmented as it becomes easier to provide customer service. To provide consistent and convenient service across all channels, your home care agency needs to find new ways to integrate it.

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