attract home care clients

Are you struggling to get clients? These are some ways you can get more clients for your home care agency.

Demand for care is on the rise. Are you reaping the rewards of this increase in care?

There may be an increase in inquiries calling your office. But how can you get clients to come in?

These are helpful tips to help you get more clients, no matter if you’re just starting your home care agency or have been in business for decades.

Listen to your client and consumers’ reviews.

Marketing is hard work. Clients want to hear about your services and what you have to offer from customers who have experienced it firsthand. This is true no matter the industry.

Reviews are more important than ever.

Communicate efficiently when you’re talking to a client or their spouse about starting services. It’s that easy.

Your sign-on process should be clearly explained. If you get a last-minute request to sign on a client, be honest and open about the process and availability of your caregivers.

Make sure to describe the scope of your services. It’s also possible to briefly explain non-medical services, including what you can or can’t help with.

So you know what questions your clients might ask, you can prepare the information and answers. Prospective clients will choose your agency because they feel more knowledgeable and prepared than the one they have called before.

If you are unable to provide a service or location that is specific to a client’s needs, please give them contact information for the company that can best meet their needs. Although this takes more time, it shows you care and that you will be willing to spend the extra time helping people who aren’t able to benefit immediately from your services.

Standing out from the rest

According to IBISWorld, there are 437,967 US home care agencies. You need to be able to differentiate yourself from others because home care is ubiquitous.

These differences don’t need to be revolutionary or earth-shattering, but they should be enough to make families reconsider calling another agency. What can you do that will make your agency stand out?

These are just a few ideas to help you get started.

  • A simple sign-in process that is accessible to all ages
  • Special care services or protocols that are specific to a condition (like hospice and dementia)
  • Allow clients to make payments on your agency website
  • To ensure smooth transitions, make arrangements for caregiver interviews. Clients can meet caregivers before they start their care.

Although this is not a comprehensive list, there are many things you can do. With the resources and staff available, find what works best for your agency.

We have previously discussed the importance of listening to your clients. This is something you can use with your differentiator. There are few people better than others to help you find your uniqueness in a saturated market.

You can make sure your clients are happy with the care you provide. It is easier to master one thing than it is to be proficient at all. This does not mean you should neglect other aspects of your business, but mastering one thing is better than doing it all the time.

Learn to understand the lives of your clients.

Meeting clients where they are is one way to attract them. It’s not enough to offer medication reminders and a weekly shower. You must also sell the possibility of independence. They may not be able to do it any other way. They are connected to you through a network of connections.

You can refer your clients to home healthcare agencies that offer quality hospice and home care services. Find out what is most important to your clients so you can help them the best.

If a client returns home from rehab with a list of exercises that they need to do in physical therapy, are you going to create a plan for their care? Are you going to ask your client about their goals for returning home? If so, how can you incorporate the exercises into a routine to help them achieve these goals?

You can help clients return to their interests, whether they are looking to drive a golf car or eat on their own.

It will be difficult for you to communicate with your clients if you don’t understand their lives and context.

What can you do to help your clients return to independent living before they need care? You might also consider helping your clients stay independent. Find out what motivates them.

Service over results.

Consumers want to be satisfied, whether buying a product or selecting a service. They simply want to be happy with the results. 

Home care staff and caregivers have the opportunity to contribute to the end result.  Caregivers help clients through their toughest times and come out the other side. You will attract clients by focusing on the lives of your clients and their desires.

Need help bringing clients to your home care agency?

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